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Event Name:Integrating Attachment Theory and Psychodrama
Date(s):Sat. 2nd November
Times:9:30-6:30 Saturday
Location:Woodbridge House, Moseley, Birmingham
9 Woodbridge Rd., Moseley, Birmingham B13 8EH
B13 8EH (Click For Map)

This is an open workshop - open to professionals from psychotherapy, counselling, psychology, educational, mental health, criminal justice, social work, youth justice, voluntary sector and related occupations. It is also suitable for trainees of these professions. Our theme will be how psychodrama can be integrated with contemporary attachment theory - a rich and fruitful area for integration. We will draw specifically from Crittenden's Dynamic-Maturational Model of Attachment and Adaptation. This is a strengths-based, non-labelling and non-pathologising model of attachment which offers a new way of understanding human adaptation not as dysfunction, illness or disorder - but instead as adaptations to particular kinds of danger. This workshop is suitable for people who are new to psychodrama as well as people who have experienced psychodrama before. The workshop will consist of a theory-in-action session in the morning, followed by protagonist-centred psychodramas for the rest of the day. Clark Baim, Director of the Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama, will direct, and diploma students of the Institute will also direct. This workshop is intended as diploma-level training for BIP students, for professionals seeking CPD, for students of the helping professions seeking experience of the psychodrama method, and as external hours for trainees from other psychodrama schools.

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