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BIP One Year Certificate Programme 2019-2020 Click Here
BIP Accommodation Information Click Here
Directions To Woodbridge House Click Here
Brief History Of Psychodrama Click Here
Psychodrama Bibliography And Resources Click Here

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British Psychodrama Association Click Here
American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama Click Here
Dr. Adam Blatner's Website,
a very valuable and extensive website with many further links and reading on the subject of psychodrama
Click Here
Geese Theatre UK,
applied drama in prisons and probation settings
Click Here
The website for psychodrama senior trainer Jenny Biancardi. Click Here
The Latvian Psychodrama Association website, in English Click Here
The Moreno Centre Estonia and the Estonian Psychodrama Institute website Click Here
Ignition offers specialised training and consultancy to the fields of health, criminal justice and social care Click Here
Perceptis Click Here

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