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Individual Psychotherapy
Individual Psychotherapy

We also offer individual psychotherapy, either short or long-term, for people over 18. This may be for general personal development or for therapy in relation to particular difficulties or issues.

£60 per one hour session with a qualified member of BIP staff.

Please contact BIP for more information


Monthly Psychodrama Psychotherapy Group
Crossed Hands

For personal growth and development.

We are not currently running this group. The group is due to re-start in early 2020.

Saturdays, once per month for a half day.

Woodbridge House, Woodbridge Rd., Moseley, Birmingham.

Two miles from city centre. Near bus routes, with street parking.

75 per session. To be paid monthly.

This will be an ongoing group, with three intakes per year. Participants in the group commit to a minimum of 9 sessions and may stay longer.

About the group:
This group is for anyone over 18 who is interested in personal growth and development, whether for personal or professional reasons. Participants will have the opportunity to work supportively together on important personal issues. These issues may include family and relationship difficulties, job-related problems, coping with stress, emotional problems, self-doubt, low self-esteem and unresolved trauma or loss. An important aim of the group will be to help participants develop desired roles and skills in order to open the way to more effective living in personal relationships, in the workplace and in the community.

Group participants will also have the opportunity to offer and receive support and feedback. There can be great benefit in the support that comes from being in a group, and the interactions within the group are valuable opportunities for learning. The emphasis will be on ensuring that the group remains a non-judgmental, safe and confidential environment for personal work to take place.

There will be ten people maximum in the group.

About the method:
The main model of therapy used will be psychodrama, and this will be integrated with methods from related approaches such as cognitive therapy or arts therapies where appropriate.

Some people are concerned that they need acting experience to join. This is not necessary at all. Psychodrama is not about giving a performance, but is instead focused on creating a beneficial experience for the person in focus and for the group as a whole.

Other Information:

  • Prior to joining the group, we ask that you attend an initial one-hour individual meeting / exploration to discuss your aims in joining the group, your history and any questions you may have. We will also consider whether this group will be appropriate for you. This meeting will not commit you to joining the group. There will be no charge for this meeting.

Please contact BIP to request an interview


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